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Hey, my name is Ayo Awosika! I am a qualified personal trainer based in Essex! I would describe myself as an extremely confident and motivated individual who loves to have a laugh. I guess you’re here because you’re possibly interested in transforming your physique and wondering whether I’m the right man for the job? Well, the answer to that is YES! and here's why...

Studies highlight that we are all creatures of habit and we just need to be exposed to the right habits, for example exercising regularly, drinking plenty of water and consuming a healthy balanced diet! Of course, these things are easier said than done and everyone is different, but that’s why guarantee to:

  • Support and motivate you along your fitness journey to achieve your short and long-term goals.

  • Provide safe, challenging and effective sessions parallel to your desired objectives.


I come from a football background where I have competed at semi-professional level. My love for sport influenced me to attend university, and after 4 hard years of work, not only did I graduate with a degree in Sport and Exercise Science but, also a Masters degree in Strength and Conditioning.  My academic journey has provided me with the opportunities to as a strength and conditioning coach within elite football.

I got into personal training because I remember how I felt when I started seeing results from my own training and receiving compliments about my physique. This inspired me to give others the opportunity to feel this way too! Besides this, the thought of enabling others to achieve a better quality of life through exercise was a no-brainer. Therefore, I am dedicated to providing enjoyable, effective personal training sessions along with sustainable dietary guidance!


  • Muscle Gain

  • Weight and Fat Loss

  • Nutrition and Weight Management

  • Circuit Training

  • Strength and Power Training

  • Core Conditioning

  • Speed and Agility Training

  • Kettlebell Training