Below are examples of a few successful clients who I've helped manage to transform their physique

H transformation.png
I was really unhappy with my body, I wasn’t fat but I hated my belly and my legs. When ayo started personal training I asked him straight away to train me because I knew he would push me until I met my goals. We started by going to the gym and he taught me how to use all the machines properly for my ability and so I could target the areas I wanted to improve. Within 5 Months my body improved drastically and it made me want to improve even more!! Ayo hasn’t stopped pushing me to improve and I can’t wait to see my end results
— Jess

Having put on a lot of weight in the past few years I have recently struggled to shed excess and unwanted fat in order to achieve my desired physique. Following consultation from Ayo I was able to figure out an effective program and diet plan which is specifically tailored to me. I now feel that I have a formula that works all year round!
— Mo
Bari Transformation.png

I got in touch with Ayo after I sustained an injury playing rugby, which left me with significant loss in strength and size. With his guidance I was able to gain my strength back and hit PBs in the gym.
— Marcus